School organizes different activities throughout the year.


"The school organizes different activities throughout the year so that the children do well in other spheres of life because the school does not merely imparts the bookish language but wants the overall development of the children. To enhance this, so from time to time various activities are conducted."

Results of School Olympics

The students participated in district badminton Open Championship held in Solan in the month of August. Participants are Vasu Ahuja(Selected of Badminton Championship) and Nutan Nahar.

Our Activities

The Children are given many opportunities to show their talents outside the school too & compete with the children of other schools.


It is said the today’s children are the leaders of tomorrow. So to groom the upcoming leaders investiture ceremony is organized in the school at the beginning of the academic year. The investiture ceremony gives chance to the students to get their badges so that the cabinet members feel responsible to take their duties seriously. On 14th April, 2016 carnal Santosh enthused the young leaders to upload the values of the school while discharging their duties honestly and impartially. Carnal administered the oath. She really appreciated the students, the leaders and the cultural programme presented by the students.
We see the world through
Our own eyes
We only need a guiding light,
To develop and nurture our talent,
We can dream of being a guitarist
Or painting the canvas,
Playing the drums
Or being a scientist
Or even scoring a goal in soccer.
Whatever we dream, our school helps us
To make it a reality.


"Well qualified and trained teachers with sufficient exposure for providing an interactive and experiential teaching."

"Special rooms such as Computer Lab, Maths Room, Social Studies Room, Resources Library for reference work, well equipped laboratories (for Physics, Chemistry, Biology)."

"Seminar and Conference Rooms"