B.L Central Public Senior Secondary School, The Mall Road, Solan.


B.L. central public school was founded on 4th April 1988 with four children. Today it is amazing that the school has more than 2000 students, who are getting qualitative education. B.L. central public school is reputed for its high standards and good work ethics. It is a matter of great pride that now in these 25 years the school is recognized as one of the elite school of the town.

B.L. central public school has always stood for ‘AtamBodh’ and the harmonious balance of modernity with traditional values. The students are taught to be independent and to become capable of overcoming all obstacles. We are committed to developing and enhancing ‘life skills’ and the ability to communicate, to lead and to be a team player. The school inculcates in pupils the spirit of secularism with no emphasis on any religion.



  • From the desk of Principal

    It is really a great pleasure to be amongst the staff and the students of B.L. central public school. Have you ever noticed hoe person reacts when you appreciate or compliment him? He perks up, the face glows and warm smile plays. The same way, when I see B’lites excelling, my heart is overwhelmed and feel satisfied. B’lite 2016 is an endeavor of our staff and our children. All the children have talents and potentials. Through the newsletter children have got a chance to show their creativity. We believe in togetherness and togetherness means progress. We believe in nurturing talent. There is a golden thread of divinity in each and every human heart.

    If any little word of mine
    May make a life brighter,
    If any little song of mine
    May make a heart feel lighter,
    God help me speak the little word
    And take my bit of singing,
    And drop it in some lonely vale
    To set the echoes ringing.

    God inspire me to speak sweet words, so that I am able to inspire these young hearts to do well in life.

    Mrs. Pomila Sharma (Principal)

  • Chairman Message

    It is really a matter of great pleasure that B.L. central public school is going to release the first edition of its newsletter. I congratulate the principal, staff and students of this institution for this wonderful task. I have been involved with every activity of the school right from its inception and seen it grow from strength to strength. It gives me immense pleasure when I see the flowers of my garden blossoming happily.

    I am sure that the Management, principal and staff of B.L. central public school will help in the overall development of the students as well as development of the society. With best wishes to all the B’lites in all their endeavors.


  • Manager Message

    I am very happy that the teachers and students have worked hard to bring out the newsletter “B’lite”. I congratulate all the students and staff members of the school who have worked hard in competition of this issue. I am a strong propagator of human values. So, I strongly believe in the B’lites playing the role of global citizens, the students and teachers of this institution are my family members. I pray the Almighty God to shower his choicest blessings upon each and every one. My dream is that the B’lites do well in life and make us feel proud. My best wishes are always with the members of B’lites. I thank all the parents also for their co-operation and support. Remember, faith in God gives us courage to tackle the seemingly impossible as well as the determination to see it through. As the motto of the school is ‘shine as the sun, spread as the sun-rays’. I wish the students of B.L. central public school will carry the name of their alma-mater far & wide.


  • Ruchika Bakshi

    Education has always been considered as the building block of a society Development country, like India needs to focus more on education. Education is like a vast ocean that is fed by many rivers and tributaries. At B.L.C.P.S. our mission is to impart vibrant, comprehensive and innovative learning to the students enabling them to be catalyst for the change. For this we balance the academic and practical learning. Because we believe that simply concentrating on the subject will not allow a student to harness his or her full potential.

    Bringing out the newsletter this year is a step towards integrating the society with our school and students. I wish all the success in this matter.

  • Message of Administrator

    As an Alumni of this institution, I feel proud that the school is releasing their newsletter. Herculean efforts, planning perseverance and toil of the teachers have enabled me to accomplish my goals. In twenty five years this institution has come from zero to the present status.

    Now it is one of the prestigious institution of the town. I have seen it growing inch by inch. No doubt the journey was tough but a successful one. Now after completing my education, I have joined this institution as an administrator. In the end I would like to thank my mother Mrs. Bakshi, Principal, Teachers those who have helped in the growth of this institution. My best wishes to the teachers and students in all their endeavours towards excellence. I pray almight god to strengthen the school, so that it keeps imparting qualitative education and foster habits of responsibility for entry into skilled occupation and professions.
    With sincere prayers and best wishes
    Mr. Dipin Bakshi(Administrator)