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B.L. Central Public Senior Secondary School was founded on 4th April 1988 with four children. Today it is amazing that the school has more than 2000 students, who are getting qualitative education. B.L. central public school is reputed for its high standards and good work ethics. It is a matter of great pride that now in these 25 years the school is recognized as one of the elite school of the town.
B.L. central public school has always stood for ‘AtamBodh’ and the harmonious balance of modernity with traditional values. The students are taught to be independent and to become capable of overcoming all obstacles. We are committed to developing and enhancing ‘life skills’ and the ability to communicate, to lead and to be a team player. The school inculcates in pupils the spirit of secularism with no emphasis on any religion.

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Education in the performing arts is a key part of many primary and secondary education. We believes arts education is a vital component to a child's overall development.


Music education in the school level is a vital aspect of a successful school's curriculum. We educates and inspires students with academic talent for service.


Dance In School is a fun and exciting and dancing is the primary activity. School students loves to learn dance in school in the dance classes and our dance teachers are experienced.


School athletics teams provide enjoyable, supervised activities for youth. Student athletes reports healthier eating habits, parental support and depression.


Academics like Science, Mathematics and others. We envisions a vibrant and holistic school education that will engender excellence in every sphere of human endeavour.


School Games is a unique opportunity to motivate and inspire students of school and take part in more competitive school sport. Students enjoys, competes.